Website Redesigned.

Welcome to the new and improved Pete Seeger Appreciation Page designed by my daughter Mary-Therese Capaldi.


  1. Carolyn said

    I like the new look!

    Good Job Mary-Therese


  2. Robert Binkley said

    I growed up in the 50’s&60’s and heard this man sing and I liked his music.
    And the things he stood for in that time. And liked the way he stood up for what was right. I want songs by him but can’t find them anywhere. Please let me know where and how I can get my hands on some of his old and newer songs thank you.

  3. jimcapaldi said

    Pete Seeger now records for Appleseed Records. Their website is located at:

  4. kiyohide kunizaki said

    from tokyo,japan

    i love this site.

    kiyohide kunizaki
    tokyo folklore center

  5. I grew up with Pete’s songs in my house, and my Dad at age 82 still sings them. Dad had us singing ” If I had a Hammer” from the time we could talk. His songs, conviction and life have been an inspiration to me nearly my whole life. Thanks Pete!

    I saw the PBS special, it was awesome!


    PS I love the new look of the website.

  6. Thanks Pete A Real American Hero. You should have Ran for President.We should have more American like you. T.Hank Cook

  7. LES KURZ said

    Pete is truly the most influential person in my life. The first time I met him was at a concert in which I participated; aboard an old Ferry boat at South Street Seaport…he came on singing “Skip To My Lou”. I had heard OF him (from Rev.Kirkpatrick) but had not ‘Heard” him. I immediately realized something was incredibly refreshing about this gentleman. Rev. Kirkpatrick (Bro. Kirk) sent me to many performances with Pete…Bronx Courthouse Steps, Columbia University, Many Sloop Festivals…street festivals…Rallies – I was his student; though I found it hard to talk to him. I think he discovered the awsomeness I had of him. That changed after a concert at Hofstra University; with John Voight. I asked Pete, ” there’s a song that you sing,. I can’t comprehend the lyrics.” He explained the historical significance of ‘The Ghost Dance Tent,” one of the best history lessons – from the #1 historian of our age. In 1976 I recorded my first album “Les Kerts – Children Of The Sun” dedicating it to Pete and Bro. Kirk. At the Hofstra University concert – out of frustration of a few years of roadwork – I asked Pete…”How do you handle a crowd that’s impolite, apathetic, won’t listen or pay attention.?” Pete gave me that night the quote that launched my 35 year music career…He said, “Remember, before you can pick anything up, you’ve got to bend down”… Thank You Pete. Seven years ago I developed Parkinson Disease, I no longer play guitar – but still write and sing a little bit. One of my most memorable performances was at a movie theater on the upper west side of NYC (the Orpheum…I think). As he came to the verse “When they brought the sloop Clearwater sailing ‘around the bend.” we of the Many Races Cultural Foundation walked down the aisle with a model of the Sloop and a Banjo Cake w/ each string one race’s color and the inscription that adorns Pete’s Banjo head…he stopped singing and said “wow”. It was good to see him honored then – the Nobel Peace Prize is the least we can do to honor this patriot of America and the world..that with Love as our weapon…we can win.. Les Kurz (Kerts).

  8. Judi Morella said

    I live on PBS

    Tonight is American Masters honoring Pete Seeger

    I was really taken by his efforts of cleaning up the river

    That is what we’re doing here in Lansing Michigan with the Grand River

    I would love if we could get some input and guidance from Mr Seeger

    Any way of that happening?

    J Morella
    Ike and J’s Bait and Crafts, Inc
    700 River St
    Lansing MI 48933

  9. nadine said

    I just finished watching a Pete Seeger Special on Public TV in Seattle…I’m a Marine Naturalist and have been newly inspired by you Pete….Wow you touch so many..I was born in Oregon City Oregon in 1952. The very songs you sang to us as children are the very songs I’m going to pass on and to my grandkids.

    Thank you and God Bless you,


  10. Christine said

    I watched the PBS special with my husband last week (and again tonight I am watching it!). What an inspiration! I knew him as a folksinger before but now I see him as an amazing patriot and man of conviction. It makes me feel hope for America’s future! I can’t wait to introduce my sons to his songs!

  11. The new site is great — thank you.

  12. All my life I have sung Pete’s songs and known he was a treasure for which I was too young to “be there on time.”

    I bet he would have loved to be a fly on the wall in the mid sixties when I MCd a concert for a local “Up With People” group. 12 year old me had no idea at the time how reactionary a group I had joined. I just wanted to sing and play my guitar. The parents who came to see the show had no idea the kid who was singing during stage changes was going to sing a bunch of Woody Guthrie’s, Pete Seeger’s, and Peter Paul and Mary’s stuff. My big finale was Peter Paul and Mary’s “The Great Mandela”…hardly the sort of stuff Up With People had in mind for shows during the Vietnam War.

    I will always regularly sing “The People Are Scratching” for kids. A truly great and easy song for the kids to scream along
    And finally…I race sailboats and I also listened to Arlo say, “Pete Seeger once said ‘Folksongs is serious.'” I love to pass the committee boat full of stuffed shirts in their special nautical coats and say to them, “Sailboat races is serious.” I feel like Pete, Arlo, and I are having a personal inside joke.

    Thanks for everything Pete!!

  13. Ted Turner said

    Pete, – One more thing. I play acoustic – not very well – for my own amusement and for my three kids (ages 11 – 30). They have heard – since birth, “Where have all the flowers gone” – “If I had a hammer” and “turn, turn, turn.” I called my 11 y/o daughter in tonight to hear you sing Guantanemera” on PBS, which she is now playing in her band class. Pete, may the Lord bless and keep you. – Ted Turner, Hollywood, Md.

  14. jeffrey kent said

    to the Seegers– pete seeger’s music and life has been such a positive inspitation to so many including my parents both holocaust survivors…my father, Roman Kent in particular loves Pete Seegers music. It would be such an honor for my father, now 83, still playing tennis and running around the world for various causes, who is co founder of the Foundation for the Righteous (a foundation that honors and supprots nonjews that helped save jews in wwii), and many other organizations, to meet Mr. Seeger and to give the Seegers a copy of my fathers book written for charitable purposes: LALA a children’s story of love overcoming hate:

    how would i arrange to have the book sent to Mr. Pete Seeger and if possible arrange for them to meet if Mr. Seeger would be so inclined.

    i have left various messages diffent places in the hope of arranging such a meeting. Please let me know as i am sure it would be a highlight of his life.

    in any event thanks for the notes of conviction

    jeffrey kent
    68 carmine street
    NY NY 10014

  15. Ivania said


  16. vance medlin said

    dear mr and mrs seeger,
    i don’t write many fan letters but after seeing you featured on my local pbs [kuht in houston,tx] i felt compelledto say thank you for a job well done and a life well lived.i am from the most conservative county in tx.[ Ector ] goldwater was too left so the citizens wrote in lemay.we were priviledgedto enjoy your music and your messagesof fairplay ,unity andbrotherhood were taken to heart by my 2 older bothers and myself.i can truly say you inspired a youngster to keep right in his heart whlie he was truly a ”pinko in redneck land”
    thank you again and may you and your family be happy healthy and fulfilled.
    robert noel vance medlin

  17. Shehoho (Shelagh Murphy) said

    First time here on this site… love it. I worked with Pete Seeger at several events in New England 25+ years ago. I was a grassroots activist with Tinker form the Garden of Delights in Worcester Ma. I met first Pete at an anti-nukes event at Seabrook, NH. He let my 4 year old hang with him while I was making sure things were flowing smoothly at a 3 day safe energy event at Mt. Watatic in Ashby Ma. He even sang with him on stage there. I saw him last in So. Florida about 15 years ago, and I have his cd playing as I write this… Love the man, grew up with his music & Woody Guthrie’s. And then I grew into it, took responsibility for our actions by becoming active… he inspires. Love the songs he wrote for his children… and ours. Peace!

  18. Shehoho (Shelagh Murphy) said

    Thank you, by the way for giving us this forum for expressing our love for the Seegers…

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