Concert raises $5,800 for Utah Phillips

Concert raises $5,800 for Utah Phillips

A benefit concert held Sunday in Rosendale for folk singer and labor activist Utah Phillips raised $5,800.

On the bill for this concert were Pete Seeger, Dar Williams, Redwood Moose, Flames of Discontent and others. Nearly 300 people packed the Rosendale Community Center on Route 32 and many stood for the show.

Seeger dazzled the audience and led the full house in group sing-alongs. “This Land is Your Land,” was a highlight. Seeger, dressed in jeans and a denim shirt with a rainbow over his heart, grinned through his entire set, which brought the crowd to its feet several times.

Phillips, who has recorded two albums with alternative musician Ani DiFranco, is battling several health issues and can no longer make a living by performing. The concert held Sunday was organized by Rosendale Café co-owner Mark Morganstern, Moose Dmoch of Redwood Moose, John Pietaro of the Flames of Discontent and Sarah Underhill, who was pivotal in getting Seeger and Williams to perform.

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  1. It was absolutely wonderful to be a part of this event, performing with my duet the Flames of Discontent. Sharing the stage with Pete Seeger, Dar Williams and all of the rest is a highly recommended activity! I was only happy to help with outreach but the actual organizers—Michael Moose Dmoch, Sarah Underhill and Mark Morganstern—deserve all of the credit for a great fundraiser.

    As a labor organizer and musician, I feel a strong kinship to all others who hold both of those designations; Joe Hill is probably the best known, but Utah stands tall in this branch of the people’s army, Cultural Workers. More power to Utah Phillips…..get well soon, comrade.
    John Pietaro

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