Clearwater to move headquarters to Beacon

Clearwater to move headquarters to Beacon


BEACON – The City of Beacon is fast becoming an environmental hub for the Hudson Valley. The environmental group Clearwater is going to move its headquarters from Poughkeepsie to Beacon as the latest environmental move in the city. The Beacon Sloop Club is also headquartered on the Hudson and the Scenic Hudson Land Trust is developing a green project on the riverfront.

Beacon is already host to the Institute for Rivers and Estuaries with a campus being developed on the Hudson and offices on Main Street.

Beacon Mayor Steven Gold said the move by Clearwater is a perfect fit.

“The branding of Beacon as being a center for environmental education is important for the city going forward. It will bring in a lot of tourism revenue and it is, in today’s world, a very responsible and a very proud for that to be what we will be known for.”

Clearwater Executive Director Jeffrey Rumpf said Beacon rolled out the welcome mat. “It’s really a city that is open and receptive to what green life, green support can mean is very important to us and is very in touch with our founder and his vision to create a legacy now with Clearwater and he turns 90 next year and Clearwater turns 40,” he said.

That founder, of course, is famed folk singer and environmentalist Pete Seeger, a resident of Beacon.

The new location for Clearwater’s headquarters will be at the University Settlement Camp in what is known as the White House. The sloop Clearwater will dock in Beacon harbor.

The terms of the agreement call for Clearwater to put work into restoring the building and adjoining grounds in lieu of rent. Mayor Steven Gold said at some future point when the rent owed and the work performed are equal, Clearwater will pay cash for rent.

It is estimated the city would have had to spend between $100,000 and $200,000 or more to restore the building, the mayor said.

“The future payoff for Beacon will be the tourism that the sloop Clearwater will bring to Main Street and the branding we will acquire as a leading center for environmental education,” said Gold.



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