Toshi Seeger

According to recent published reports, Pete’s wife Toshi has been very ill.  A good friend of the family emailed me this morning that she is now doing better and should be OK.  Please remember Toshi and the Seeger family in your prayers. 





  1. kiyohide kunizaki said

    from tokyo

    thank you for your report.


  2. Tim Roneker said

    Thanks so much for this report on Toshi’s health concerns. When I read that Pete had canceled shows to be at her side, I became very concerned. As it has been said so many times, “without Toshi, there would be no Pete.” I will keep her and all the Seegers in my most positive thoughts! Thanks for this report.

  3. Jo Weiss said

    I’m so moved. Please stay and be with her for us all.

  4. Annie Williams said

    To Toshi,
    Gambatte, Ne!

    We will keep all the Seegers in our thoughts and in our hearts.
    Toshi is the light…Pete the song.


    (friend of John Randolph)

  5. Wishing the best of health to Toshi and her family.
    I was feeling disappointed that I could not get tickets to Pete’s concerts this coming weekend in VT and NH.
    Both are sold out. I hope that Pete and family are well, and able to do the concert. For such a good cause, most-I am certain-will agree the health of such good people is the most important. May all the Higher Powers look down upon and bless this family.

  6. thanks to the Seeger family for all you’ve done for all of us.
    I wish Toshi and friends and family heath and peace

  7. Linda said

    For years as a child, I heard Pete’s music without knowing who he was. When I grew up and joined unions, he became one of my top heroes. I’ve thought of writing to him, but I’ve read that he does not like being singled out for his celebrity. Instead, I wrote an essay about him for my Writing Workshop, part of which read, “He writes, Where Have All the Flowers Gone? and he would appreciate it if our answers raise social consciousness rather than exalt the lyricist.” So from afar, I continue to admire and love what he has given us, and I continue the struggle. Thank you, Pete and Yoshi.

  8. Susan said

    My prayers and love go out to Toshi and the Seeger family. I have so much to be grateful for all the music and joy that they together have made possible. I pray for the best possible outcome and healing through this difficult time. And truly offer up my thanks for the power and spirit that flows through these simple and wonderful songs, and awakens that music and consciousness in us. I hope that I too can be an instrument of music and joy. Blessings and healing to you and your whole family!

  9. billy runcie said

    best wishes to pete and toshi

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