Guthrie & Seeger in Concert at Carnegie Hall

ARLO GUTHRIE AND PETE SEEGER (Saturday) This annual Thanksgiving concert features two of folk music’s most lovable torch-bearers: Arlo Guthrie’s discography is boisterous, organic and playful, while Pete Seeger, now 89, plays warm, sagacious folk songs. The pair, who have toured together on and off since 1975 (Arlo’s father, Woody Guthrie, was a contemporary and friend of Seeger’s), will be joined onstage by members of their families. At 8 p.m., Stern Auditorium, Perelman Stage, Carnegie Hall, (212) 247-7800,; $35 to $65.

New York TImes


  1. bill and betty blando said

    Dear Pete, We attended the annual Thanksgiving get-together on Saturday, Nov. 29, and it was great to see you still onstage performing, still passionate and still with a Guthrie (actually, a whole bunch of Guthries) and with your offspring.
    We inttend to be back next year.
    Please let me say that my wife and I have admired your work and your contributions to the human cause and, of course your music, for more than a half-century. Betty first saw you at a performance at Antioch College in Ohio while you were still fighting HUAC and other right-wingers who tried (and are still trying) to take over our country and, more important, our freedoms.
    During the 1960s, I had the great honor of interviewing you three times (twice aboard your sloop in your seemingly lost-cause campaign to clean up the Hudson River) during my three-stint (1967-70) as a reporter with The Knickerbocker News in Albany, N.Y. As an aside, I also was among the early reporters to do a featured profile on Arlo while he was still a teen and using the Cafe Leena(sp?) in Saratoga, N.Y., as a training ground and launching pad for his remarkable career.
    I say all this as a prelude to the one criticism I feel compelled to make about Saturday’s show: Not a mention of the passing of Studs Terkel! I found that omission not only incomprehensible but also almost unforgivable. I say almost because, coincidentally, last nite (Sunday), our PBS TV station aired the special on you and your music. It came close to wiping out our disappointment over the Studs slight — close but not entirely. It was a fine piece of TV, and we’re replying to your pitch to support public television.
    Thanks for your life and for the inspiration you have provided to those whose only talent is to appreciate what you have given to our lives.

    bill and betty blando

  2. DAn said

    If the bird doesn’t have a right as well as left wing it cannot fly to it’s destination……It’s so simple to understand & how fruitful it would be to cease critisizing each other. Music & Peace:thank you Pete

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