Pete Seeger to Perform at April 18th Earth Day Festival

Pete Seeger to Perform at April 18th Earth Day Festival

The legendary folk singer Pete Seeger will headline the Rockin’ Earth Day Fest at Teachers College on Saturday, April 18th.

The event, which is open to the public free of charge, will run from 11:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and includes a full slate of activities for children, as well as opportunities to learn about recycling and the environment. It will be held in the College’s Russell Courtyard, located on the north side of  on the north side of 120th Street, between Broadway between Broadway and Amsterdam.

Seeger, who will play at noon, tops a musical line-up that includes the bands Broken Wind (at 1:15), Sounds of Cuba (2:15) and Urban Sun (at 3:15).

The Rockin’ Earth Day Fest was organized by the Go Green Committee of the Teachers College Student Senate.

Other activities include:

  • Art tables at which children can make sculptures, instruments and clothing from discarded computer parts, scraps of fabric and other found objects;
  • Workshops on water use and cleanliness by members of The C.R.E.W., a non-profit organization that provides paid employment opportunities to teen-agers while improving public and private wild lands;
  • A recycling education table that includes an exhibit on the differing decomposition rates of different wastes, from banana peels (two weeks) to glass (never)
  • Tee-shirts, water bottles and other cool stuff (for sale)
  • Food provided by local growers and vendors, served by CulinArt
  • Talks by leaders of TC’s student Go Green committee

To learn more about the Rockin’ Earth Day Fest and TC’s student Go Green initiative, email

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