Pete Seeger Joins Health Care Rally in Nyack, NY on October 4th

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Pete Seeger Joins Health Care Rally as Headliner Nyack, NY, September 28, 2009 – Pete Seeger has joined an impressive roster of musicians that will headline the Health Care For All Rally at Memorial Park in Nyack, NY on October 4. The 90-year-old folk singer, national treasure, and tireless activist is joined by Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter Tom Chapin in performing at the park’s gazebo. Also scheduled to perform is New York City blues rocker Emory Joseph and The Roues Brothers, a popular local band. The event advocates for universal health care. The grassroots group which organized the rally, Health Care for All Now, believes that affordable, equitable, and quality health care is a human right. The event is co-sponsored by The Fellowship of Reconciliation, Rockland Progressive Dems, Spring Valley, NAACP, Nyack NAACP, WESPAC Foundation, Organizing for America, and Rockland Women’s Political Caucus. *Health Care For All Rally* Oct. 4 4:30 pm-7:30 pm. Memorial Park, 53 Piermont Ave (at Depew Ave.) Nyack, NY Public information line: (845) 512-3261 *FOR MORE INFORMATION*, call media contact Cliff Weathers of at (917) 202-6854.


  1. Hi, Is Pete going to be at Madison Square park, in NYC. on Oct..10th?? hum. it seems to be on my calendar,Thanks.

  2. wish I could be there….

  3. My dad has been collecting folk music for most of his life, so I was weaned on the stuff. I remember the Weavers very well, and Pete Seeger has always been important to me. I remember as a young teenager, asking my dad to dig up the album with Little Boxes so I could learn to sing it too (Yep, I looked up information about Malvina Reynolds later).

    Just lately, past the age of 50 years, I’ve begun writing a few songs myself as well as singing at coffee houses on open-mike nights, so I think back even more to Pete Seeger as well as to many others, from Burl Ives to Tom Paxton. Thank you always!

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