Pete Seeger turns 91 years old today, May 3rd.



  1. Nancy Freeman said

    Happy Birthday to you, Pete. Because I am only 64 years old, you have always been in my life. You have been a source of inspiration, peace, and bountiful joy. Through my hands your messages have been taught to my children who have spread it further. Thank you so very much for your leadership and the voice you use to spread your message. We are all better for it. Sending you much love and wishing you very good health on your birthday

    Nancy Joy Freeman

    • maureen said

      very happy birthday to you. always loved your music. maureen from england.

  2. Abel Perez said

    feliuz cumpleaños, desde PERU!

  3. Daryl E. Johnson said

    I’ve got my hammer and I am hammering all the guns into plows.

    I’ve got my plows to turn, turn, turn the soil to grow

    those seeds to bring back the flowers that have all gone.

    Then, then, then we shall overcome.

    Wishing you the happiest of birthdays, Mr. Seeger.

  4. Pernille Rutzou Quigg said

    Happy Birthday Pete. I was looking for the words to a song on this great website when I saw that today is your birthday. Your songs are sung the whole world over and we continue to listen with the greatest respect and joy to your wise words.

  5. Kurt McMillen said

    Happy birthday Pete,

    I have been a fan since the Weavers. Your music makes my heart sing!

    Kurt McMillen
    Friday Harbor, WA
    Age 71

  6. Laura Wilson said

    Just Thank You, Mr. Seeger. Your music and the music of others that you have shared have always been an inspiration in my life too. I have shared your songs with my children and now their children and I hope the seed of kindness, sharing and gentleness has been planted in their hearts as well. Thank you thank you thank you many times over.
    Laura Wilson, Palacios, TX

  7. Rob Zucker said

    Happy Birthday, Pete!
    You are a universal hero! I remember the thrill of sitting with my high school buddies in stage seats at Carnegie Hall in the mid- 60’s … Thanks for a lifetime of inspiration! You make the world a much better place!
    In gratitude,
    Rob Zucker, Fredericksburg, VA

  8. Kathy Boyle said

    Happy Birthday!! Your step-mom taught my sisters piano and all of us music at Green Acres School. I have always felt a special connection to your whole family. Wishing you many blessings.

  9. Maria Croumlich said

    Dear Pete,

    No fancy words- just a sincere wish for a happy birthday to you!

    I appreciate your meaningful reasons for being around and the beautiful way that you delivered them.


  10. Gerty Bataille said

    Amsterdam, May 6, 2010
    Dear Pete,

    Sorry my birhtday card for you will be late this year, again, but now there is also the internet. Sometimes a most wonderful tool. So I hope that my message will get to you in this way as found this page today.

    Happy Birthday to you Pete ! 91years and still going strong. Keep it up that way for a long, long time to come.

    Yes, I am on the internet now and I can see many things that are going on in the Hudson Valley with the boat and her people and you and Toshi in that way. It has the ocean that is between the continents where we live a little bit smaller again,

    Love to you all over there,
    Gerty Bataille, a sailor of Clearwater from Amsterdam.

  11. Mary Miller said

    Happy Birthday, Pete. I’ve been a longtime listener of your music—even catching you live in San Francisco’s Stern Grove in the 1970s. You, your music, and your message are such treasures. Happy, happy day!

    Boise, Idaho USA

  12. Jocelind Julien said

    Dearest Pete,

    I’ve been thinking since last year (your 90th) of some clever way of saying “Happy Birthday” to you and to let you know how I personally feel about your undying committment to our human race.

    I thought about a simple sonnet, a clever jingle, a socially conscience tune… but none amounted to anything comparable to the way I truly feel, so

    Happy Birthday, Pete Seeger!
    You are and will always be a song in my heart.

    With highest regards,
    Jocelind Julien

    P.S. I look forward to seeing you on June 19th!

  13. Joan Lazar said

    Dear Pete,
    Your unswerving dedication to your goals enabled me to stick to mine. From a very early age I believed that if you could do it, perhaps I could too. When I was about seven years old, we talked at an Amalgamated Clothing Workers Union summer camp in NYS (the first ever to be integrated). You used to visit regularly to sing songs of justice to us…and it stuck. So far I have created two non-profit literacy programs in Newark,NJ using (still revolutionary) views of reading instruction which get speedy results. Now, I have my first ever book out for teachers, tutors, and family members entitled, NOW I GET IT! Teaching Struggling Readers to Make Sense of What They Read. While book has several acknowledgments and dedications, in my heart this book and my work is dedicated to you. Thank you so very much for showing me how to do it. Joan Lazar

  14. Judy Wilkinson said

    Belated Happy Birthday Pete! I just found this site and wanted to tell you how much my elderly first cousin, Charles Fraser Maurice, enjoyed his sailings on the Clearwater with you and all of the “young people” (I think in the late’70s). I grew up in Poughkeepsie and my great grandfather was connected to the Poughkeepsie bridge through Union Bridge Co. To this day your music continues to stir my soul. I am glad to see that the Bridge now is named for you.

    Best regards, Judy Wilkinson
    Glenview, IL

  15. Roger Steinmetz said

    Happy Birthday and Fond Greetings, Brother Pete! To me you are a lifelong friend and inspiration. Song is life, growth, and transformation! Could you allow one quick environmental question, please, dear Pete?
    Might you possibly want to re-vamp “Flowers”, regarding the BP spilll?
    Where have all the bluefins gone (gone to BP, every one)
    Gulf shrimp (gone to oil spills, every one)
    Turtles (gone to oils slicks, every one)
    Pelicans (gone to petrol, every one)
    Marshes (gone to drill rigs, every one)
    Beaches (gone to slick greed, every one)

  16. Andy said

    Happy Belated Birthday! Your music has moves my soul and your life moves me to action. Thank you.

  17. aditi said

    happy belated birthday pete!

  18. Jim Miller said

    I am watching and listening to the Pete Seeger DVD The Power of Song and enjoying every second. Happy Birthday Pete from a strong Union Man that appreciates all you have done for Unions and the less fortunate with your power of song and activism. May all the Gods we pray to Bless you and your love ones. Peace


    So, happy birthday Pete. Following the circle of time, your music had reached to me years ago, explained that there is a true and unit spirit in simplicity and depth of all living things, making struggles and dreams so strong. I wish you many other beautiful horizons to live and to tell.

    Gabriele Panizza, Gavi hills, ITALY

  20. Charlotte Mueller said

    Happy Belated Birthday, Mr. Seeger,
    I play your music for my students and see the next branches in the trees you have sown grow alittle closer to the sky. Your work is a marvel. You are an incredible inspiration. I hope you and all your family and friends enjoy many more years of health and happiness in each other’s company.
    Bless you. Peace.

  21. Colleen Racine-Bryan said

    HAPPY BELATED PETE! I was ill and couldn’t write/ on the mend and you were on my mind…..Happy BELATED…..BIRTHDAY!
    Love ya still, Colleen

  22. Danny Heim said

    Let’s have a thousand Pete’s born per day.

  23. Linda Herman said

    Dear Pete,
    Happy Belated Birthday! I have been listening to your music for many years and it has helped guide my life. I really do feel that each day my work is to plant seeds of hope and love and peace. Your music lives in my heart, so I can go to it when I forget what the next step is.
    Much love and gratitude,
    Linda Herman

  24. muriel said

    j’ai découvert pete seeger en recherchant des versions de michael row the boat ashore! franchement je suis une fan!! j’arrête pas de l’écouter! superbe chanson we shall overcome

  25. muriel said

    j’espère que quelqu’un aura la gentillesses de traduire mon commentaire!! j’ai les larmes qui coulent qd j’écoute we shal over come!! thank you for your music pete seeger!!

  26. And then there are seeds that fall on the roadway and are stamped on but still do not die, and these are the ones you plant every day inspiring generosity and courage and right mindedness in generations today, and many to come. Pete Seeger’s seeds are abiding, persistent, perennial – that’s the word I’m looking for. Perennial Pete Seeger.
    My son and grandsons are listening to you in person, in New York, as I write this in Ottawa ,Thank you, Pete, for brightening my four score and seven years, and may we both have many more.

  27. Sameer said

    Dear Pete !
    Love the way you’ve inspired a whole lot of us to carry on the fight for love,understanding and GUTS ! —wich is no fight at all !

  28. ernest ackermann said

    Happy Birthday, Pete!

    You’re my hero – you changed the world, you changed the way we sing and think.

    Thank you.

    Enjoy the days!!

  29. Charlotte Mueller said

    Happy Birthday, Pete!
    I hope you have a wonderful day and that the year ahead brings only great joy, good health and continued good health and happiness for your whole family.
    A sincere admirer of you and of all your many accomplishments,

  30. Judi Miles said

    Happy belated birthday, Pete! You have mad such difference in my life with your songs and your spirit. Such beauty is rare. Thank you for showing it and sharing it with us all.

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