More Optimistic Today Than Ever: A Talk with Pete Seeger

Here is a link to the best interview I’ve ever seen done with Pete Seeger:

Special thanks to renowned author Ronald Cohen for the information on this interview.


  1. Julie Amerman said

    Dear Pete,

    “Happy Birthday” a little late. 90!!! Wow, that’s pretty good!

    I’m enjoying reading the words to your songs! Is there a way on your web sight where I can listen to the tunes if I don’t know them? I don’t have much money so I can’t go out to buy all your CDs. Your songs are very catchy & I’d like to play them on the piano for my husband.

    Hope your next 90 are just as enjoyable as the first!
    I know as I enjoyed listening to your songs in college.

    Thank You,

    Julie Amerman

  2. When we were young we never imagined, or even thought about, ever being 90 years old, but hey – it’s happening. Sure wish I could have been there to wish you a Happy Birthday and many more, in person.

    I will be 90 in a few months myself. Wish you could be here to sing at my party!
    Wow – what a dream. Oh well – dreams are free, and that’s mine. Love you. RLD

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