Black and White to Be Reissued February 28th

Publishing February 28th … The long-awaited reissue of the classic children’s book …

BLACK AND WHITE by David Arkin, Introduction by Pete Seeger

With a New Introduction by Pete Seeger

 View the promotional trailer, featuring Pete Seeger’s seminal 1956 recording.

 “As an adolescent, I sang along with Three Dog Night, never really thinking about the words of the song. Until now. Black and White, like many little books, is enormous.” – Ann Hood, bestselling author of The Knitting Circle and other books

“A simple, lovely, powerful book.” – Tom Chapin, singer/songwriter 

 Lyricist, graphic artist and teacher David Arkin (1906-1980) created the book Black and White in 1966.

Arkin based his book on the song of the same name crafted years before by he and composer Earl Robinson (1910-1991) – a song meant to celebrate the 1954 U.S. Supreme Court decision striking down segregation in public schools.

Recorded by Pete Seeger in 1956 and Sammy Davis Jr. in 1957, “Black and White” was much later, in 1971, a #6 hit for the Reggae group Greyhound in the UK and (1972) a #1 hit for the band Three Dog Night in the United States.

Seeger – a longtime friend of both Arkin and Robinson, a multi-Grammy winning performer and composer, and a Kennedy Center Honoree – has written an Introduction for this edition.

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