Talking Union Album from 1941 Named to National Recording Registry

“Talking Union,” The Almanac Singers (1941)

Proponents of progressive causes and pioneers of the American folk revival movement, the Almanac Singers in 1941 recorded spirited performances of songs that have become labor-movement anthems. The members of the Almanac Singers on this recording are vocalists Lee Hays, Millard Lampell, Sam Gary, Carol White, Bess Lomax Hawes, Pete Seeger (vocals and banjo) and Josh White (vocals and guitar). First issued on the Keynote label as a 78-rpm album and expanded for long-playing disc in 1955 by Folkways (now Smithsonian Folkways), the album includes songs by Lee Hays, Millard Lampell, Jim Garland and Woody Guthrie.


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  1. Mike Smith said

    My memory bank comes in to play during the early 70’s. Well after the time Mr. Seeger experienced the difficulties of standing up for his beliefs and passions at all expenses. I want to express to you Mr. Seeger how you have touched my life most recently.

    Well watching the Obama inauguration I pondered who this crazy old man is getting the people to sing? It was recently when I was researching on the internet about by Led Zeppelin song, When the Levee Breaks, did I find out who you are. In addition, I stumbled on a PBS special 4/9/2011 dedicated to you. Wow, have I been sheltered.

    Mr. Seeger, I want to thank you for being the person you wanted to be. It’s very inspirational. Furthermore, I feel the positive energy you expel, the inner peace running rampant through your body. I know I could sit with you on a porch and just talk all day. I am certain we would laugh as I listened to your stories with excitement visualizing your travels, waiting to ask the next question.

    Again, thank you for being you!
    Walk gently and speak kindly,

    Mike Smith

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