Help Musicians in Need and Win a Pete Seeger Signed Banjo






Help Musicians in Need and Win a Pete Seeger Signed Banjo by Mike Hall

Local 1000, aka the Traveling Musicians Union/AFM, is holding a unique musical raffle to raise funds for musicians in need and to boost organizing efforts. Legendary activist, agitator and American folk music icon Pete Seeger autographed one of his signature long-necked banjos–and for just $20 a ticket, or six tickets for $100, you can have chance to win.

The odds aren’t too bad either because Local 1000 will sell only 600 tickets. (Click here to purchase.)

All the proceeds will benefit Local 1000’s Emergency Relief Fund, which provides assistance to musicians who fall onto hard times due to illness, natural disaster and economic hardship. It will also help fund the local’s organizing efforts to bring union benefits (such as health care and pensions) to working musicians throughout the acoustic music world.

Local 1000 says that the drawing for the Deering Banjo Co.’s Pete Seeger long neck Vega banjo will take place after all 600 tickets are sold and before the end of the year. Check their website for raffle updates.

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