Pete Seeger “Forever Young” on YouTube

Here is a link to Pete Seeger’s new video on YouTube singing Bob Dylan’s “Forever Young” from the Amnesty International CD set.  Joining him on vocals are the wonderful Rivertown Singers.


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  1. michael robinson said

    i wrote a song for Pete while chopping wood. These are the lyrics:

    One day i stood at my choppin pile.
    A child was near, so I said, Come, child, find kindlin.
    You can’t start a blaze with a great big log;
    it’s the little ones that will do the job. Come, children. Find kindlin.

    There is a man, Pete Seeger,
    who knew a man named Martin,
    who knew a man named Gandhi,
    who knew a man named Francis,
    who knew a man named Jesus,
    who said, “I came to set a fire on this earth,”
    and he knew the precious worth of kindlin,
    of children. Come, children.

    Wherever there is hatred……we need to start a fire.
    Wherever there’s injustice….we need to stroke the fire.
    Wherever there is hatred…..we need to feed the fire.
    Wherever these is bias………we need to stir the fire.
    Wherever there is violence, we need to tend the fire.
    Wherever there’s despair….we’ll light it everywhere.
    Come, children, be kindlin….

    In German they say kinder.
    In English we say children.
    But what we mean is kindlin,
    and children, they’re the ones.
    For Jesus knew about Fire,
    and Jesus knew about children,
    Said, Children, come to me, your grace and energy,
    we’ll bundle you together
    and with a little spark make Fire.

    a twig of understanding…
    a flame of sweet compassion….
    a tiny spark of love.

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