Happy Birthday Pete!

Pete Seeger is 93 years young today. May Pete stay forever young!!!


  1. robertallen123 said

    Happy birthday Pete…………. I love you.
    been a follower since 1962
    I think I have every recoring you ever made.
    play something every day………..
    Thoughts and prayers with you today…………..Robert

    • Marian Cruz said

      Happy Birthday! My husband and I were fortunate to have attended your concerts in the San Francisco Bay Area. You are such an inspiration to all.

      Marian Cruz

  2. Dean Gorry said

    Happy New Year Pete! Always an inspiration.

  3. debrankin said

    thank you Pete for gracing this planet with your wisdom and your love! You have enriched the souls of millions!

  4. Have a happy birthday Pete, with all best wishes for a wonderful year ahead!

  5. Happy birthday, Pete!

  6. Dieter Goll said

    Greetings from Germany! All my best wishes and Thanks very much for all the joy you gave us and still give us.
    I think one of your best birthday-presents is the event that took place in norway which shows exactly how your music can move people.
    Once again Thank You!

  7. Yves guillard said

    Bon anniversaire, cher Pete !

  8. Happy, happy 93 years old! From Catalonia! Forever Young! Yes!

    Toni Giménez Fajardo

  9. Liz K. said

    Happy Birthday Pete! You were the first artist I saw in concert, in first grade in 1961. Been a fan ever since.

  10. Susan said

    Happy Birthday Pete..I have followed you since I was a kid when you were with The Weavers from the 50’s on….

  11. joe kreitzer said


  12. A very happy birthday, Pete! You’ve been inspiring me for over 50 years!. I still recall some of the early Hootnannies. There’s no one else like you. May you live on – and on – and on!

  13. Dolores said

    Just one to be another well-wisher on your birthday. You were one of my introductions to folk music. Remember hearing you at the folk festival in Grant Park, the People’s Church and at the Clearwater Festival. Happy, happy birthday.
    Dolores Erlebacher

  14. Lasse Jansson said

    you have been my inspiration for decades, in music, in fight for peace and inviroment and I constantly listen to your recordings trying to get something out of my longnecked 5-string Seegerbajo.
    Happy birthday.
    Lasse J

  15. Happy Birthday Pete, from one who’s still singing your songs after half a century. Here’s a new text in celebration of heroism in the tradition of the “Reuben James” – same tune of course which can be heard here

    Your friend
    Jack Warshaw

    UNITED 93

    It was on a Tuesday morning, the sun was shining bright
    37 passengers were boarding for the flight
    Destination San Francisco, they’d never get to see
    Departure boards were flashing United 93

    United 93, remember their names
    Come tell of the time on that great silver plane
    The bravest band of travellers that ever flew the sky
    Said “We’re bound to fight ‘cause we know we’re bound to die.”

    Half an hour in the air, four hijackers attacked
    Blood flowed in the cockpit, the passengers forced back
    They could see that these assassins were bent on suicide
    Their dark and deadly plan must surely be defied


    Time was short, they all phoned home, said what they had to do
    “We’re gonna take the plane back even if we go down too”
    Five men led the charge, a voice called out “Let’s roll”
    They crashed at Stoney Creek and became immortal souls


    A fireball of lightening broke across the hills that day
    God knows what greater terror they defeated by the way
    So when we sing of heroes who keep our country free
    We’ll remember the passengers on Flight 93

    Flight United 93….

  16. Dave Stainthorpe said

    Happy Birthday Pete

    We share the same birthday!

    • Dear Pete! Happy birthday and I remembered you and me together in east Berlin in 1986. Werner Seelenbinder Halle, Pallast der Republic and Metropol Theather.All the best Kálmán Tóth

  17. Gordon Gregory said

    Happy Birthday, Mr. Seeger!
    You are such an inspiration to all.

    Gordon Gregory

  18. HAPPY BIRTHDAY PETE!!! Wishing you Peace, Love, Great Health, & Much Happiness on your birthday for all the many days to come.

  19. Phyllis Davidson said

    I enjoyed many Pittsburgh concerts and one on Long Island when a visit there happened to coincide with a Clearwater docking. Best wishes today and for many years to come.

  20. Carlos Mesquita said

    Comrade Pete, all the best, my love from Portugal.

  21. Ramonet said

    Dear Pete Seeger. At 20 I bought your record with the Weavers. Later in 1966 I was at the concert you gave in Paris (fabulous instants !).
    The world of poor people has a lot of thanks to give you.
    What you made is out of sight. A very important work for humanity, for peace and love.
    Thanks a million for you.
    Michel Ramonet from France

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